Equi - equilateral embedding of polyhedra

Equi is an interactive GUI for creating equilateral embeddings of polyhedra. It is written in Java and should therefore run on every platform that has a recent version of Java.

Download and installation

Download the program and store it on your computer. Double clicking on the downloaded file should start the program.

On Mac OS/X, the first time you start a newly downloaded version of the program you must bypass the security restrictions by opening the context menu for that file and choosing Open.

The program is written in Java and therefore needs a recent version of Java installed on your computer. You can download Java from Oracle. The 'Java for Consumers' version should be sufficient.


The gallery contains some 3D-representations of polyhedrons - most of them generated by Equi. You need a modern browser and a performant graphics card to be able to see and manipulate the 3D models in the gallery.

The gallery pages make use of the JavaScript library three.js.

License information

The source code of this application will be made publicly available under the Gnu Affero General Public License.